Being a parent never gets easy – you are making choices. We know that your baby loves to sleep in your arms. But you also need to do work around the house, don’t you?

Hear us out: baby swings and bouncers. Put your sleepy baby in the gadget and worry a little less for some time.

In this article, we will be going through one of the best swings for babies.  Without further ado, let’s jump right into the Rockaroo review.

The 4Moms Rockeroo is the best Rockeroo/Swing for babies and infants out there in our opinion. The saftey and the comfort is the reason we’ve found it to deserving a thumbs up and a recommendation from us.

4Moms Rockaroo Review

If you are a parent, chances are you stumbled upon the popular 4moms brand at some point. One of their most famous product is the RockaRoo. Since it moves like a rocking horse, your baby gets the maximum sensation of motion. It is 70% smaller than your typical swing. So, it is ideal for parents looking for a functional and sleek swing for their babies.

Key Features : 4Moms Rockaroo Review

Let’s start this Rockaroo review by going through some of its features.

1. Smooth Back And Forth Motion

If your baby loves rocking themselves to sleep then getting a baby swing will be worth it.

The RockaRoo gives parents the much-needed break! You get to free up your hands for a while and your baby rocks in a safe place. As much as we love to rock our little one on a rocking chair, getting those few off to get things done can be amazing!

2. Helps To Fall Asleep

If there is one thing all parents dread is putting the baby to sleep, only to wake them up when putting them down in a crib. You have to start all over again. The RockaRoo can be of great help in assisting babies to sleep. It helps in cutting off the transition from parents to crib. Moreover, your baby also starts learning to put themselves to sleep, without your aid.

3. Compact

When they say the RockaRoo is compact, they really do mean it. It is one-third the size of your average baby swing. Plus, they’re generally heavier and bigger than RockaRoo. But why are they that big? Well, the motor of a rocker is normally kept on the top, which is why a bigger frame is needed to support it. The 4moms RockaRoo has the motor below the seat. So, it doesn’t occupy half of your room.

4. Removable Mobile

The 4moms RockaRoo comes with removable toy balls. Having a colorful mobile can be very entertaining for your baby. Especially when your little one gets older.

5. Plug-in Cord For Music

The 4moms RockaRoo comes with a plug-in cord that hooks up a phone or an mp3 player. Many of my friends prefer using their old phones to play some nice music. This can be great if you don’t like nature sounds that typically comes with these types of products.

6. Machine Washable Seat Cover

When you set out to look things for your baby, you hear products being machine-washable.  Few first-time moms or dads have “easy to clean” on their minds. But trust me, when the first diaper blowout happens, you will wish you had it.

The 4moms RockaRoo comes with a removable, machine washable seat cover. You can buy an extra one so that you always have a spare while you wash the first one.

7. Modern Design

The 4moms RockaRoo is aesthetically pleasing. The design is modern and sleek. It has two color options: grey or multicolored (if you are looking to add some color to the room).

8. Electrically Powered

Buying batteries over and over again can be expensive. The RockaRoo runs on electricity, so you don’t run out of power and save a couple of bucks.

An In-Depth Analysis Of The Reported Issues

Only Swings Front To Back

The RockaRoo doesn’t come with a lot of options in terms of motion. Unlike many other swings available in the market, the RockaRoo only swings front to back. This isn’t a huge deal breaker since most babies are happy with such motion; however, it is something to keep in mind.

Seat Issues

The RockaRoo seat doesn’t adjust; it is actually curved and not flat. Therefore, do NOT keep your baby in the seat for more than 4 hours.

Short Time Use

The 4moms RockaRoo can be used until your baby is either 6 months old, weighs 25 pounds, or sits up o on their own. Although all swings have such limits, it is nice to know before you buy one.

Mid-day Naps Only

Since you can’t keep your baby in the seat for over 4 hours, it isn’t recommended for overnight sleeping. Mid-day naps are fine as long as they don’t exceed the time limit.

You might want to look away if you’re looking for a swing that offers the overnight sleeping feature. Most, if not all, aren’t recommended or safe for it anyway.

Motor Issues

Sometimes the motor starts acting up, so there is reliability issue with this device. It gets louder than usual at times and stops working altogether at others. 4moms sends out replacement motors, but it’s never nice to put your baby through it.

Loud Noises

The RockaRoo is exceptional. However, it can be loud at times, producing clicking noises. If your baby is startled easily, we advise you to look into some other rocker.

Separate Infant Insert

The RockaRoo doesn’t come with an infant insert, which gives support to babies. It is even more important if you have a preemie. So, you will be buying the insert to keep your baby from sliding. It is a nuisance because the rocker is used for such a small period of time already.

  • Safe for babies
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Compact
  • Needs electricity, not batteries
  • Modern design
  • Colorful, removable mobile
  • Can play the music of your choice
  • 5 rocking speeds
  • 70% smaller than a traditional swing
  • Adjustable 3-point harness
  • Not adjustable
  • Loud noises
  • Have to buy the infant insert separately
  • Can only be used for 4 hours

More Recommendations!

Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing​

Are you a newbie when it comes to buying a baby swing and don’t want to blow your budget? We have a simple yet great solution for you: Grace Sway Baby Swing. It is ideal for new parents looking for a budget-friendly swing for their little one.

1. Affordable

If you are looking for an easy, affordable swing for your baby, Graco Simple Sway has got you covered. This is the perfect swing for babies weighing 5.5 pounds until they are 30 pounds. So, you are getting good weight coverage.

2. Different Speed Settings

The product comes with two different settings of vibration and six different speeds. Choose the best setting according to your baby’s liking.

3. Portable

The swing is portable – you can either plug it in or use batteries. It is great for parents who take short trips or plan a small outing every now and then.

4. 4-point Harness

Your baby is going to be very safe in the 5-point harness. You can sit back and relax for a bit – get some free-hands time and complete chores around the house.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Uses battery or electricity
  • Easy washing
  • Comparatively smaller in size
  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • No head support especially for newborns
  • Not ideal for heavier babies; little motion of the swing
  • Music isn’t for everyone
  • Mobile doesn’t spin

Informational Section

Mamaroo Vs Rockaroo

The Graco Swing is exceptional in terms of its price point. You are getting good value for your money. However, bear in mind there is little to no head support in the system. You will have to be careful when using this device. Moreover, always remember not to overdo your child’s stay on swings. A few hours in a day is more than enough. Don’t use it if your child outgrows it, regardless of how many months you have used it.

Many of you will be thinking: “how are MamaRoo and RockaRoo different?”. Well, the basic difference lies in the motion: MamaRoo bounces up and down and goes side to side.

The Similarities

You can use an app to adjust the speed, sound, and motion of the gadget. It is extremely easy to set up. It uses a very comfortable fabric, which is also easy to clean. Like RockaRoo, it is compact sized and can easily be moved around the house. Both have the weight capacity of 25 lbs.

The Differences

However, it is more expensive than the RockaRoo. It can’t do front to back motion, which many babies prefer.

Why Buy A Swing For Your Baby?

Now, we do know that not all parents prefer to have a baby swing. However, it can be very helpful, especially for new parents and parents with more than one baby. Holding babies is genuinely amazing and heartwarming. But your arms start killing you after some time. This is when your swing will come in handy.

Most babies also like bouncing and swinging. You might find it most useful when your baby is teething or sleepy.  We have seen that some babies really enjoy swinging.

How To Keep An Eye On Babies While You Work

Babies can be very unpredictable. You need to keep an eye on them at all times. But if you do that, there wouldn’t be time to do housework. To assist you in keeping your baby close by, simply put them in the swing and continue your work. For example, if you are cleaning your room or making dinner. The great thing about swings is that they can be used in any room. Therefore, swings are the perfect solution to your everyday problems such as this.

Your Baby Will Be Safe And Happy

Most babies enjoy swings; their moods get better and they are happier. Some babies even fall asleep in them. Moreover, you can use swings as a place to feed your baby. Swings come with harnesses, so your baby is safe while playing and jumping around. Always make sure they are tucked in nicely to prevent any accident – a parent’s nightmare for sure!

Small And Portable Swings

If you travel a lot and want your baby to enjoy while they are with you on the trip, you can always take their swings along. Not only are they portable, but also very small in size. They can fit in almost all cars.

Top Features to have on your swing

When buying a swing, we highly recommend you keep these things in mind.

Safety Is The Most Important Thing

We can’t emphasize enough how important safety is. Always make sure that your baby’s gadgets are safe. In case of swings, you can do this by checking the type of harness and material quality. It should, undoubtedly, be high-quality for your newborn’s delicate skin. When using the swing, double check when you put your baby into the swing.

Multifunctional And Versatile

Your swing should be able to adjust to multiple heights. This is because your child will be growing very quickly. The seat paddings should be easy to remove and replace if need be. It should also be very easy to wash. It should also come with a few options of speed and direction of motion. You would want to adjust the perfect speed and motion according to your baby’s liking. It needs to be portable and easily folded, especially if you travel a lot.

Final Thoughts?

You will find that looking for any baby gadget depends on your baby as much as you. While some babies might like the RockaRoo, other would prefer the MamaRoo or Graco Swing.

All three products are designed to provide a great time to your baby and help them sleep. They also give you some time out of your everyday parent duties to do daily chores.  

With the help of our Rockaroo review, we hope you will find the best device for your baby – one that they love and are happy in.