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Who we are?

Hello Parents!

We are a strongly knit community of parents from diverse backgrounds who love to share their experiences and help fellow parents.

As a close community, we always found ourselves talking about our parenting related experiences and kids.

We learned a lot and thought, why not take the next step?

That’s when Parents’ Wishlist was born, a content publishing platform that helps parents through our personal experiences real life advice.


How We Work?

As a team, we share ideas and write high quality content based on personal experiences. 

But, since there is so much to cover – we also rely on online resources to give recommendations.

We write the content ourselves and through a team of properly instructed freelance writers. In any case, everything is approved by our main editor before getting published.

varsha sanas founder chief editor

Varsha Sanas

Chief Editor

Varsha is a proud mom of two boys. Her life changed when her elder son was diagnosed with a disability. However, she did not give up! What followed was hours and hours of research to help her son. With her husband, she has managed to create a diverse community of parents and is on a mission to help parents from all over the world achieve their parenting goals. Her aim is healthy & smarter parenting.

bethany hayes content writer

Bethany Hayes

Content Writer

Bethany Hayes is a homeschooling mother of four young kids, all nine years old and younger. She is a natural-living, attachment parenting, “crunchy” type mama who loves to share with other moms her experiences. It seems like she’s experienced everything possible with so many kids! When she has a moment of peace, you can find her crocheting or gardening.

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