Having children is amazing – and a lot of work. Sometimes it is hard to keep them in one place. So, we have come up with one of the best solutions to keep you and your child healthy and happy. Getting the best double stroller for infant and toddler can accommodate two children.

Moreover, they will enjoy nature and all of you can bond together.

Today we are reviewing the best double strollers for your children.

Top Pick

This double stroller is our top pick because of safety, comfort, reliability and affordability. It is definitely one of the top choices!

Runner Up

Our runner up combines great features with numerous positive reviews from our community of parents. Highly recommended!

Also Great

It has made to our list because of its robustness, reliability and versatility. At an affordable price, it is a combination of great features!

Now, that we have taken a quick overview about the best double strollers for infants and toddlers, let’s review each one of them in depth now. 

Best Double Stroller For Infant and Toddler Reviews

1. Best Sit and Stand Double Stroller - Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller Review

This is a perfect option, if you wish to have a good mix of robustness, reliability and affordability.

This stroller comes with two individual seats and a rear platform for a kid to sit or stand on. Each of the seats and platform can hold a child of 40 pounds.


  • It can hold two infant car seats. However, they are sold separately, so that is just an added cost
  • Removable rear seat – you can take it off and convert it into a traditional sit and stand stroller
  • Removable child tray – it comes with a cup holder. The parent tray comes with two cup holders
  • The stroller can be folded with one hand
  • Large storage basket under the stroller
  • Washable seat pads
  • Grows with the family as the rear seat can be removed to make room for a platform
  • Weighs 32.5 pounds
  • Both the seats come with individual canopies
  • Comes with a foot brake for easy stopping of the stroller
  • Ideal for kids of the same age or little difference in the age
  • Compatible with Baby Trend car seat and quite a few others too
  • Great value for money
  • Five-point seat belts
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Padding could have been more
  • Slightly bulky

This is the best double stroller if you are looking for one that grows with your family. It is versatile as you can use this if you have two babies or a baby and a toddler. At such a decent price, you will find this to be one of its kind – reliable and robust.

2. Best Standard Double Stroller - Baby Jogger City Select Stroller Review

This is the stroller that we personally use and it never ceases to amaze us.

It is a versatile and flexible double stroller. It has multiple reclining seat positions – 16 combinations to be exact! Ranging from forward, sibling and parent facing positions.


  • Swivel front wheel – the front wheel can be set to a locked or swivel position. The swivel setting is ideal for maneuvering over minor obstacles. The locked setting is great for going in a straight line – ideal for jogging or walking.
  • Width equal to that of a standard stroller – despite having two seats, it has the same size as a normal stroller. It goes through doors and passageways easily.
  • Easy and quick folding due to “QuickFold” technology.
  • Adjustable handle – ideal for tall people.
  • Hand-operated handle – very safe and close to your arms.
  • The seat is padded and recline to multiple positions. Bumps are filtered out by the front wheel suspensions.
  • 8-inch front and 12 inch rear wheels.
  • Peek-a-boo window on the stroller keeps your kid entertained.
  • UPF 50+ canopy on both the seats.
  • Excellent customer service
  • Compact size
  • Looks very stylish and attractive
  • Excellent build quality
  • Compatible with Baby Jogger Travel System
  • Not ideal for babies under the age of 6 months
  • Not recommended for jogging

Despite the name, the stroller is not recommended for jogging. However, this is an amazing double stroller with some great features. It has excellent padding, build quality, etc. Things that might make you get your hands on this one.

3. Best Tandem Stroller - Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Review

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem is ideal for growing families. You get a lot of possible options for arranging the seats. The rear seat is removable and converts into a platform. It also accommodates two car seats. The stroller is great for parents with children who can’t sit at a place for too long.


  • Can accommodate two Baby Trend car seats that you will buy separately.
  • Removable and foldable child tray.
  • Comes with a 5-point harness – the safest type of harness in the market.
  • Consists of parent’s tray.
  • Removable canopy and large basket underneath the stroller
  • Can handle children of 50 pounds each.
  • The frame strong and sturdy.
  • Very well priced.
  • Compatible with car seats by several manufacturers
  • Can be converted to a sit and stand stroller
  • Budget friendly
  • Strong and sturdy build
  • Ideal for kids who do not sit in a stroller for too long
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Can be hard to maneuver when loaded with things

Do your kids sit for a while, move around a little, get tired and sit again? If so, then this stroller might be the perfect fit for you. It comes at a very affordable price for a stroller with such features.

4. Best Lightweight Double Stroller - Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller Review

As the name suggests, the stroller comes with many seating options. You can have your children face front or rear, face-to-face or back-to-back positions. You can use put a contour car seat as the model accepts it.


  • The stroller frame is strong and sturdy Aluminum such that it is no more 34 pounds!
  • Each seat can hold 40 pounds.
  • Adjustable footrests.
  • Seats remove with a lift assist mechanism.
  • The rear brake is near the foot. It is also sandals friendly.
  • Large canopies.
  • Large basket underneath the stroller.
  • Peek-a-boo window to keep babies entertained and happy.
  • Cup holders.
  • Foldable – save space by disconnecting the wheels.
  • Rubber coated wheels.
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Travel friendly
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Comfortable ride
  • Great build quality
  • Somewhat bulky
  • Slightly on the expensive side

If you are looking for a lightweight double stroller, Contours Options has your back. It is very easy to move around and your children will enjoy the side. But, it is more expensive than other double strollers. If that does not bother you, giving this one a chance would not be a bad idea.

5. Best Side by Side Double Stroller - Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller Review

This is the best side by side double stroller at such an affordable price. It comes with large tires that make it easy to maneuver. It is very comfortable and safe for your children because of the 5-point harnesses.


  • Seats recline independently.
  • Sealed bearing on the large wheels which means they are easy to maneuver.
  • Large canopy.
  • Compact and adjusts in most trunks
  • Each seat can hold 45 pounds.
  • It is recommended for babies over 3 months old.
  • Each footrest adjusts independently.
  • Linked parking brakes.
  • Made of sturdy material.
  • Huge basket underneath.
  • 5-point harnesses.
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Budget friendly
  • Thick padding on straps
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Comfortable for the kids
  • One sun shade instead of two
  • Relatively bulky

The Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller is the ideal budget friendly in-line stroller. It is safe, comfortable and will last you a long time.  

Things You Need to Know About Double Strollers

best double stroller for infant and toddler

Double strollers of the recent past were generally very heavy and hard to move around. But, manufacturers have realized how important are lightweight and compact strollers. So, the modern strollers are much more efficiently built.

There are so many varieties of double strollers in the market now. Except for a handful of exceptions, you will always find the best double stroller for your kids. If you are looking for a stroller for more than two kids, you can also get a sit and stand double stroller. If compactness is your necessity, you can opt for a tandem double stroller. A simple side by side stroller is for those who need a traditional stroller. What we mean to say is that there is always a perfect product out there for you.

Click here to explore more stroller categories.

You never want to buy a product on impulse. To save money and time, make a list of features, style, dimensions, etc to have in your item. Always consider your budget and remember to stick with the list. This way you will be saving yourself from any unfortunate regrets.

We know that making these choices is never easy. To save you the stress of going through articles upon articles, we have done the hard work for you. Now, we have written a complete buyer’s guide as well.

What Are The Different Types Of Double Strollers?

You will see a lot of double strollers, but we are here to tell you that there are only two major types of them. The first and more well known is the side-by-side stroller. The other one is the in-line stroller. Now, both of these have their own advantages and disadvantages. The final choice always depends on your situation. Let’s discuss them one by one in this section.

Side by Side Strollers


Side-by-side strollers are the ones where both of the babies sit next to each other. In this way, they will have similar experiences and see the same things around them. Most of the models have separate canopies for each baby. Generally, you can also recline each seat individually.


That said, there are a few disadvantages of a side-by-side stroller. They occupy a larger space and are harder to maneuver. Most parents do not like using these indoors. So, keep these things in mind if you decide to get one.

Now, let’s talk about the subcategories of a side-by-side stroller.

Umbrella Double Stroller

The simplest type of a side-by-side stroller is the umbrella double stroller. They are easy to fold and compact. Parents who travel a lot prefer these strollers due to these properties. Also, since they are lightweight and easy to maneuver, you can even take them to the airport.

But, we would not recommend them for infants under 6 months old. This is because most of the models do not offer the baby to recline flat or let you accommodate an infant car seat. If your children can sit upright on their own, these strollers can be very helpful and convenient.

Fixed Wheel Double Stroller

Some parents lead an active lifestyle and, thus, do all sorts of exercises. If you like to jog and want your little ones to be with you when you go out, then you will be needing this type of stroller. They have big bicycle tires with wheel suspensions. You even get hand brakes for added safety. The thing we like most about these strollers is that they work well on rough terrains. You don’t have to take it out only when you are going out for jogging. That said, the fixed front wheel can be hard to maneuver sometimes.

Sports Utility Double Stroller

Now, we know that not everyone is a fan of jogging. Some parents prefer hiking or trekking on all sorts of terrains. So, why shouldn’t you have a stroller made for that? This is where a sports utility double stroller comes in. Generally, they have three wheels. The front wheel comes with a locking feature – ideal for jogging, trekking or hiking. You can even attach a toddler or baby car seat on the stroller. That said, experts do not recommend locking the front wheel when you use the stroller as a travel system.

In-Line Strollers


In an in-line stroller, the seats are right in front of each other. Thus, they are narrow and easy to move around. If you have a toddler and a baby, then an in-line stroller can be a great option. But, it is not the most ideal choice if you have two toddlers.


Having two toddlers share this stroller can be difficult. This is because the seats do not offer the same experience for both of them. The seats can be at different or equal heights. Some models have the rear seat almost under the first one or raised a bit higher to improve visibility. Some models have trays and adjustable leg rests for only one of the seats. Not to forget, the seat may not recline to the same position for both seats. This can be a lethal recipe for disaster.

The in-line strollers have two main categories.

Stand-on Strollers

This stroller is ideal for parents with a baby and a toddler with a higher age difference. If your toddler does not like to sit in a stroller anymore, you might want to give this one a look. It comes with a seat and a platform where your toddler can stand or sit on a bench. The front seat has all the usual features of a normal stroller. Your toddler can get in and out of the stroller as he/she pleases. This is by far the most compact double stroller and, thus, easy to store and maneuver. Check out our article on the best sit and stand stroller to know more.

Tandem Strollers

Another stroller designed for a toddler and a baby is the tandem stroller. You can recline the back seat fully, but not the front seat. You can, thus, place your toddler in the front seat and recline the back seat to the fullest and keep your baby there. You can even attach your infant car seat onto these strollers. Some models can accommodate two infant car seats. But only when there is not a huge age difference between the children. Tandem strollers are compact and easy to navigate even in narrow spaces.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Double Stroller

By now, you would know that there are so many types of double stroller that it can be hard to choose the best one. Before you decide, we recommend you first read the following things.

How Often Will You Be Using The Double Stroller?

Determine the frequency of your usage. If you are going to be using it for a little time each day, like going from point A to point B, you do not need many features. Any of the strollers from the two categories will do.

But, if you will spend a lot of time with your children on the stroller, you will need a few dedicated features.  We recommend you check the storage compartment and the space that will be available to you. You also want parent and child’s trays for keeping things, like snacks, mobile phone, etc.  

Lastly, look for multi-reclining seats and the individual canopies.

The Ages Of Your Children

Before you buy your stroller, consider the age difference between your children? Are they twins? Can both of them sit up or either one of them has difficulty doing it? Does one like being on the seat while the other prefers standing up? Will they be napping on their way?

One of the most important things to consider while buying any product for your children is their age. In this case, the exact ages of your children do not matter half as much as the difference between them.

Newborn And A Toddler

This is a very important factor to consider. If you have a newborn and a toddler, a tandem stroller will be the best choice for you. You can place your baby in the rear seat that reclines to the largest. Sometimes, the canopy can even cover the whole seat. Your baby will have a lot more privacy in this one. The toddler at the front can have a better view and more mobility.

Two Babies

Do both of your babies have no problem standing upright? If so, then a side-by-side stroller would be perfect. Both the children will have equal view and experience.


Do you have twins? If yes, then having a double stroller that accommodates infant car seats should be a good option. Remember that not every stroller is this way. Many will accept one infant car seat. We haven’t seen such strollers to be outstanding though.

We have seen people buy a double stroller along with either a wearable baby carrier or a car seat frame.  These are two products, yes. But sometimes buying more than one thing can solve many problems. You can place one of your babies (who might be sleeping) in the frame stroller, and bond with the other one. Once your babies are old enough, you can ditch the frame stroller and use a double stroller of your choice.

Where Will You Be Using The Stroller?

Most of the double stroller you come across are for light activities such as walking. But, depending on your budget, there are some for active parents. You may use these for outdoor activities, like jogging, etc.

We agree that it can be relatively hard to find these, but they are available in the market, nonetheless.

Double Stroller And Stroller Frame vs. Double Stroller with Car Seats

Getting two different strollers may not be your plan. Many parents do not even consider doing it. A standard frame stroller will cost you around $150 which you can use from 6 to 12 months after birth. This time depends on the size of your child. Now, a pretty sturdy and robust double stroller will cost you around $300. The total cost will, thus, be no more than $450.

Let’s compare this approach with buying a standard double that has two infant carriers as well as car seats. You will get a decent one starting from at least $650 upwards to $1600. It depends on the type and number of accessories you want.

When you look at it this way, you may notice that you can buy things at a much cheaper rate. You will have to buy different products for each phase. Sure it will take a lot more space, but you will be saving quite a lot of money. Instead of buying one product, you might want to get different ones for different phases.

Things To Look For In A Double Stroller

Now that you have decided to buy a double stroller, let’s move to the next step. We will go through the things and features you should look for in the best double stroller.

Wheels in a Double Stroller

Many of the double strollers in the market have four wheels (dual design) in the front (two wheels on each leg). But, a high number of wheels do not always mean great maneuverability. In fact, we have seen that one of the dual wheels gets caught on bump many times. If not that, then a stray item might get stuck – meaning a loss of control and declined maneuverability.

We have seen that the fewer the number of wheels, the better. They are easier to turn and push. The problematic thing is that many manufacturers continue to make such strollers.

That said, not all dual wheels are hard to use. There are some great products with dual wheels that are quite easy to use. But, they almost always come second to ones that do not have them.

Bigger wheels are better than smaller wheels. The stroller with the bigger wheel is easy to maneuver and turns. You can buy replacement wheels for any stroller. So look for a double stroller that lets you change its tires when they wear out.

Weight Of The Stroller

Keep in mind that double stroller is pretty heavy. Even the lightest one is on the bulkier side. But, if you will be going for a casual walk, the weight would not be that big of an issue. But, if you jog, hike or trek, we recommend you get yourself an all-terrain double stroller.

Strollers with adjustable handlebars are great to have. It is great for a tall person as it will become easier to push and maneuver.

The Must-Have Features in a Double Stroller

If you have ever taken a look at the features of different strollers, chances are you have seen some long lists. Half of the time they do not even make much sense. Do we need those features? Which features can you compromise on? Which feature’s absence would be a deal-breaker? You might have asked these questions, too. But the research can take a long time.

So, we did the hard work for you and now we are confident to answer these.

First, know your lifestyle.

For Joggers

Do you lead an active life or go for a jog in the morning or evening? You will need a stroller that does not fall apart on every little bump it comes across. Thus, look for one that has a locking feature in the front wheel. This way, you can control the motion of your stroller and, thus, maneuvering will become very easy.

For Little Spaces

If you are going to take your baby into small spaces, like a tiny apartment, you will want a slim stroller. It will fit through the small spaces and doors.

If You Will Shoulder It

If you are going to be holding your stroller in your hands, you will want a lightweight stroller. Sometimes, the kids do not like sitting in the stroller for too long and they leave it for a couple of minutes. When they get tired, they come back and get their energies back. If you have kids like that, you would not like to have a bulky stroller. The more compact it is, the easier it will be for you.

Suspension Systems in a Stroller

Suspension systems absorb shock so that your baby is comfortable in the stroller. In this time and age, almost all the jogging strollers come with suspension systems. Manufacturers of traditional strollers noticed this and started including them several years ago.

Like in a car, a suspension system absorbs stress on a stroller. When there is a shock on the wheels or the baby seat, the system absorbs this shock. Your baby is comfortable and the ride is not bumpy.

This is important because if you take the stroller off the road, then the wheels hit rocks, etc. So, a stroller with suspension system will make the ride smoother for your baby.

Is Warranty Important?

You can almost always see the trust of a manufacturer on its product by taking a look at the warranty. The more generous it is, the higher the faith they have. There are always exceptions to these rules, but most of the time we won’t be looking at that exception. So warranty is not a simple feature, it actually tells a lot about the company’s values.

You should look for a warranty of at least one year. The stroller frame should have a higher warranty. But, some brands offer warranty up to four years – which is commendable, to say the least.

Nobody wants a product to fail, even more so if you are a manufacturer. But, sometimes things do not go as planned and you are on the verge of losing a great product. Thus, we recommend you have a generous warranty on your product. We consider this as an insurance that came totally free.

Is Customer Service Important?

Being on hold for all day can be frustrating. Almost all of us have been there at some points in our lives..

If you are still confused on the stroller and have come down to a last few, check their customer services. Check how long they take to respond to you. Also, take a look at their website – it should be easy to navigate. The user manual should have simple guidelines. It is always nice to have the manual present on the website for reference.

A robust and great stroller will cost you at least $300. It is not something to overlook and for most people, this is not a small price. It is always worth having a company that is responsive to their purchasers.  

Final Thoughts?

So this is our list of the best double strollers for your kids. We have also included a list of things to consider before and during buying a double stroller. We hope that this article helps you out in your search. In the end, it is always your choice and we wish you the best of luck!

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below.